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    This server is an RPG server and mainly PVE based. To advance in the game you will need to kill powerful special mobs that drop rare weapons with randomized enchantments. Higher level mobs drop higher tiered gear. Mobs level up as you distance yourself from the spawn point. To get the best gear in game, you must travel further and further away. When you first start, you will find yourself in town. Town is basically a safe spot for players to congregate and trade. You can access the Town Portals and the survival store here.

    Survival World
    Survival in minecraft has always felt lacking to me. The mobs are too easy and without variation. The survival world has an economy, mcmmo, and grief prevention. The goal of this world is to level up your Abilities and Mcmmo stats in order to defeat stronger and stronger mobs which in turn drop better and better gear. Fight bosses to get rare unique items. Players can also form guilds in this world which provides quite a few PVE bonuses.

    PVP World
    To satisfy the pvp players, there is a world completely dedicated to PVP. I took inspiraton from Runescape's deadman worlds. Basically, players should not be forced into PVP if they do not want. Players will find that once they enter the PVP world, they have a different inventory and money balance. The PVP world has it's own economy and inventory, separate from the survival world. XP has been disabled in this world and so has mob spawning. To get money, you can gather resources and sell them to the PVP store. You can then buy PVP items from the store at a very cheap price. This creates a system where players will either be hunting for resources or hunting for players. Gathering resources can get you PVP gear very quickly; you can get diamond armor in a few minutes. Mcmmo abilites are active on this world. Some passive abilities are active in PVP but due to balancing some have been disabled. The passives available in PVP are listed below.

    Passive Abilities Enabled in PVP:

    Skylands World
    The skylands world has an increased spawn rate for special mobs and is the only place where you can find some bosses. In order to go there, you must pay a fee of $250. Ores spawn at all heights so it's not uncommon to find diamond at sea level or higher. This world is very dangerous and is intended to be the hardest/riskiest area in the game.

    Creative World
    The creative world allows you to build to your hearts content. You have unlimited resources and can fly around. Just remember to claim your plots or else you could lose your creations. Plots are very large and can even be merged if you have multiple. Worldedit is available in this world so you can truly build with unlimited potential.

    Minigames World
    This world is incomplete right now. I will be implementing this soon.
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    Typing /Vote displays this link. Make sure to type your Minecraft username with the proper capitalization. Make sure to vote on all eight sites to get your full reward. Press the green arrows to go back and forth between the voting sites. Voting gives you a total of $2400 a day.



    Members receive 12 creative plots and 25 auction house listings.
    Linking your minecraft account sets you as a member. If you already have a forum account then you can link your account in game by typing /link and following the instructions. If you have purchased any donations but do not see a banner on your forum profile, then you need to link your account. If you do not have a forum account you can make one on the forums or you can type
    /register {email} {password} in game.

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    General Commands
    /abilities - Opens up your passive abilities. (some abilities are disabled in PVP)
    /balance - Displays your current balance.
    /balancetop - shows who has the most money in game.
    /pay - Gives another player a certain amount of money.
    /spawn - Teleports you to your current world's spawn.
    /mcmmo - lists mcmmo commands
    /party - mcmmo party related commands
    /mcstats - shows your mcmmo stats including your power level.
    /mctop - shows who has the highest level.
    /report - Report player misbehavior. If no staff are online then report it here.
    /ah - Opens the Auction House gui.

    /k info
    - opens up the Kingdoms help menu

    Movement Commands
    /tpa - Requests to teleport to a player.
    /tpahere - Request to teleport a player to you.
    /tpaaccept - Accept a teleport request.
    /tpadeny - Deny a teleport request.
    /tptoggle - Enables/Disables teleport requests.
    /warps - shows a list of your warps.
    /warp [warp] - Teleport to one of your warps.

    Claims (Survival)
    /Claim - Claim the spot you are standing in
    /AbandonClaim - Deletes the claim you are standing in.
    /AccessTrust - Allows another player into your claim.
    /ContainerTrust - Allows other players to access containers in your claim.
    /UnTrust - Remove someone from your access/trust list.
    /UnTrustAll - Removes everyone from you trust list.
    /AbandonAllClaims - Abandons all of your claims.
    /ClaimsList - Show all your current claims.
    /ClaimBook - more information about claims

    Claims (Creative)
    /plot claim - claim the plot you are standing in
    /plot delete - Remove the plot you are currently in.
    /plot visit - teleport to one of your plots
    /plot list - show your current plots
    /plot help - more information about plots

    /Lottery buy - Buy a certain amount of lottery tickets.
    /Lottery status - Shows the current lottery status.

    RPG Horses
    /h claim - Claim the horse you have tamed
    /h stats - Shows the current horses stats
    /h summon - Summon a horses you have claimed!
    /h protect - protect your horse from damage while you are away.
    /h setname [name] - Change your horses name!

    Item Sorter
    /cc - Sorts the chest you are looking at.
    /cp - Sorts the inventory of the player.

    /endercoin buy - Buy an endercoin.
    /endercoin sell - Sell an endercoin that you are holding.

    Safe Trade
    /trade [player] - Offer to trade with a player through the GUI.
    /trade accept - Accept the current trade offer.
    /trade deny - Decline the current trade offer.

    Type {item} in chat to display what you are holding.

    Donator only commands

    /chatcolor - open the chat color GUI, only colors that you have the permissions for will be shown!
    /namecolor - open the chat color GUI, only colors that you have the permissions for will be shown!
    /tabcolor - open the chat color GUI, only colors that you have the permissions for will be shown!
    /uc help - shows you the cosmetics commands.
    /uc menu - shows you the cosmetics GUI.
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    This server utilizes the plugin MythicMobs and MythicDrops to create variations in mobs and variations in loot. If you see a mob that has a name on it with a level, then it is a special mob. Special Mobs drop items from the Unique drop table*. Unique weapons are powerful but rare. Another way to get Unique items is from bosses. Regular Mobs drop items from the regular drop table (tiers are listed below).


    Flame Variation: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Husk
    Flame Mobs will light you on fire with every hit and are resistant to fire. Flame mobs drop items from the Unique Fire drop table.

    Frost Variation: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Husk, Ghast
    Frost Mobs will slow you down with every hit and are resistant to drowning and ranged attacks. Fire and Lava do bonus damage against frost mobs. Frost mobs drop items from the Unique Frost drop table.

    Dark Variation: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Husk, Ghast
    Dark Mobs will add wither on hit and are resistant to explosions. They are the most dangerous of the special mobs since wither punches through armor. Dark mobs drop items from the Unique Dark Droptable.

    Armored Variation: Zombie, Skeleton, Husk
    Armored mobs spawn will a full set of iron armor and can have a shield or a sword. They are the tankiest of the mobs, and are resistant to physical/ranged damage. Armored mobs take extra damage from magic effects such as potions/poisons/wither.

    Gravity Variation: Skeleton and Creeper
    Gravity Mobs will either push you towards them or throw you away from them at random intervals. The Skeleton will constantly attempt to throw any close players and the Creeper will pull them in. Be cautious about your position when fighting the skeleton since they have been known to throw players off of cliffs.

    Super Variation: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Husk
    The Super variation has nothing special about it except for increased stats. Super mobs do the most amount of damage among the special mobs. They have no general weaknesses so players should approach with caution.

    Charged Variation: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Husk, Ghast
    Charged mobs have increased movement speed. They have less health and do less damage but can quickly swarm a player.

    Tough Variation: Pig, Sheep, Cow, Mooshroom Cow, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Wolf
    Sometimes animals will fight back. Tough mobs will only attack you if provoked. They move faster when they take damage. Tough animals will drop larger amounts of their resource.

    Rare Mobs

    Guardian Wolf: The wolf who has got your back in combat. He might not be the toughest, but he cares about his master. While you use the guardian wolf, he can randomly give you combat related buffs!
    Hardworking Wolf: This wolf is pretty fragile and is not a fan of combat. He will give you random buffs such as fire resistance or dig speed, and sometimes even refills your hunger!
    Tough Wolf: This wolf is a tank. He doesn't do as much damage but he can take a beating!
    Ferocious Wolf: In contrast to the tough wolf, this wolf is fast and strong. He does the most damage, but in return he ends up being the squishiest. If you want a wolf that will hustle and do damage, then use the Ferocious kind.

    Barbarians: Barbarians will sometimes spawn in the overworld. Barbarians are always looking for a fight. You will stumble upon them as they are killing tons of hostile mobs. Be careful, there is an Elite Barbarian who rides a horse and does quite a bit of damage.

    Vampires: Vampires have spotted around minecraft. Players are warned to watch out for their health draining attack and their vampire bat form! When vampires are defeated, they turn into a bat and try to escape from the fight. If the bat escapes, the vampire will respawn and continue the fight. In order to defeat the Vampire, the player has to kill him when it is trying to escape as a bat. Vampires can drop Totems of Undying. There is a Lesser Vampire and a Greater Vampire (who has more powerful abilities). Vampire cannot return from bat form unless there is sufficient darkness. Fire is a great way to counter the vampire!

    Necromancers: Sometimes men seek out answers to life's dark mysteries. Some even have attained the ability to avoid death. Necromancers are a powerful casting type mob that will summon undead mobs and might even come back to life! There is an amateur necromancer and a master necromancer.

    Wizards: Wizards are powerful casting type mobs. There is an amateur wizard and a master wizard. Wizards have mastered the elements, and will constantly shoot fireballs at you. Wizards also have a powerful AOE attack that can add burn/slow effects, so potions are recommended!
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